Creation of Be Classical !

Dear friends,

After a year marked by the absence of pleasure, passion, closeness, those feelings that bring happiness to life, the full value of which we are finally measuring today.

We decided to forge a new identity in classical music while returning a deserved grace to its own soul.

This is why we are offering you this season of 6 concerts with orchestra called "Be Classical" with the promise of combining intimacy and passion. We will tackle with audacity, by classical music, the subjects which touch our society and its actuality in the company of the greatest artists worldwide.

A horde of surprises awaits you! In our ambition to offer "Classical Music as you have never seen it", we are going to create one of the greatest lighting scenographies in Europe but also to offer you a discovery of new repertoires, improvisations and original musical arrangements, in one of the most beautiful settings in Paris.

The Salle Gaveau, its cozy decor with vintage impulses, its legendary yellow seats, its imposing white organ set with elegant gilding, including its period moldings which give it a voluptuous charm and epic acoustics.

Our goal will therefore be to renew the spirit of concerts but also and above all to raise funds for Positive Planet Foundation whose vocation is to create jobs for young people who are the first economically affected by the period we have all just passed through. .

We are delighted to welcome you there to live together many experiences and immersions in the service of music and in support of youth.

Jesse Mimeran & Christie Julien

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